Off to Canada

Here  we are sitting at Sydney international as the flight has been delayed 10 – 20 minutes! Don’t care though it’s fine at the beginning!

Anne managed to get us all in the photo by sitting on the floor! We may use this ability of hers again.

Just called our flight – off we go! Will write later!


Where does the time go???

Even though I have tried a few times to upload a post it has nevwer worked!!  I know it is me but it is so frustrating after a very tiring day and you type up a post and then it disappears!!

Well what can I say except I did try!!  The tour wasd very tiring, but we did manage to get in some shopping and a helluva lot of fun!!  There was a lot of “coveting” going on after some other girls’ possessions but we usually always managed to remedy this by finding the item somewhere else.

One particular problem which was solved was with regard a beautiful ring that one of the girls had and when we went to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul this particular “covetor” went to a jeweller and had it made.  It was lovely!

People did try to “crash” the back of the bus as this was where all the fun people were (yes, yes I was there with bells on)!  Everyone up the front wondered what all the laughing was about.  This usually happened in he morning as after lunch we needed our “glamour naps” and we tended to be a little quieter!  Full bellies tend to do that to you.  Anyway. we managed to ward off invaders (really only one actually and he wasn’t female)!!

We did allow husbands in but they usually sat nice and quietly!  One (sometimes two) husband was gorgeous and would hurry off the bus and help all of us down – take our bags, lend us a steadying arm as the back exit was like descending a slippery dip ladder!!!  We gave him a special mention on the last night!!  I did forget to mention that our average age would have been approximately 60!!

6 of the 8 “back of the bus” girls are in this photo!! Gorgeous girls!!

Once I get home II have been booked to do a Mozzarella making lesson for them.  It will be fun


Our beautiful hotel

After a long and very tiring trip, we landed in Dubai.  Hopped on the next flight and landed in Amman! The scenery coming was quite boring but we had an entertaining man from Rio next to us.  His dad was born on the West Bank and his mother was born in Brazil.  He has 2 children living in Liverpool and he lived there for 9 years and had a liverpudlian accent!!

Upon landing in Amman one of the pilgrims was taken away for questioning as he had a large pair of binoculars!  They carted him away for about 20mins for questioning. They thought they were new huigh powered ones that couldhave him spying.  He is only 70 odd!!   We finally got underway and headed off to the factory  that sells Dead Sea products.  After US dollars had passed hands, we boarded the bus and headed to our accommodation on he shores of the Deda Sea.  As we descended to the lowest point on earth, the temperature rose accordingly.

We registered and arranged to meet down by the sea for an experience.  After carefully and painfully entering over about a metre wide of pebbles, we tried to sink into the depths.  It certainly was a great experience trying to get yourself on your feet.  I had a waterproof camera, so only used one hand as I thought the extreme salt might be real good for the camera.  We then got out and rubbed ourselves down with the black mud.

After being told about the gorgeous sunset (and, of course, now being 10 years younger after the mud experience) we sat down at the bar and had a $15 Corona!!  Then we had a $14 local beer!!!  The wait was worthwhile!!

Aussdie bum!!


Sunset over the Dead Sea & Mountains of Jerusalem


All the people clamoring to capture photos of the sunset reminded me of Mindil Beach in Darwin at sunset!!

All trying to get the perfect shot

Suitcases packing

Packed suitcase – under 20kg

Intending to go on another big trip at some time, last February I purchased a super “lightest luggage in the world” suitcase and a carry on bag.  It really annoys me that before I start packing my bag that 4 or 5 kgs is wasted on suitcase thus leaving little weight for my intended purchases that are waiting in countries far away.  Our carrier to and from Aus allows 30kg which is excellent, however, carriers later in our trip only allow 20kg and therein lies a dilemma  I suppose that I won’t be able to start shopping until after flights on turkish airlines have been completed.

Another dilemma is the fact that the bag may be light, but it is also most definitely F-U-L-L as you can see by the photo (that’s if the photo comes through as it hasnb’t uploaded well).  I will really have to squash things in.  I have told Syd that when he meets me in Istanbul that he is to ensure he brings HIS suitcase only half full!!!

Holiday before the holiday

With three days to go ’til I depart Aussie shores No 2 son and his family were going over to Nth Stradbroke Island for a few days and invited me to join them for a night.  As I don’t work any more there was nothing to hold me back (well, I could have cleaned, packed and washed but it would all wait for me) so decided to catch the water taxi overImage

in the afternoon, we went down to Deadman’s Beach and walked along the beach whilst throwing ball after ball to the dog who, fearlessly, threw himself into the oncoming waves to retrieve the balls!!  Needless to say after 2 walks a day and endless swimming tires Como out and he rests easily at night. 5.00 pm is time for drinks and nibbles on the deck.

View from the Deck overlooking Frenchman’s Beach

No 2 son is a great cook and our first dinner lived up to expectations with a paella.  I was induced into staying an extra night (they really had to twist my arm!!) and the next day we had lunch at the beautiful Straddie Pub.  I hadn’t seen it since the renovations but, needless to say, the stunning views haven’t changed!!


The last arvo was beautiful and we went down to Home Beach for more dog swimming.  G had her first taste of the surf and loved it even though she was a little wary of the sand!!

Two of the best!!!

A “fish eye view” of the ball fetching

The bay looked like a millpond for the taxi ride back to Cleveland

Now I must get into the serious business of packing!







So today we welcome my eldest son and two of his children who are coming up in Bris to say goodbye before I leave.  He is also coming to get wood to build a cubby for the kids and it just so happened that I am leaving in a week for distant ports!!

Had a lovely lunch yesterday with 3 of my kids and their families. Two of the grandkids enjoyed catching up with their uncle who they don’t see that often and who has broken up with a girl who they liked so they had a number of questions for him!!  Nothing like being grilled by a 7 yo & 5 yo!!

Last night we went out to dinner to 1889 Enoteca at Woollangabba which was just beautiful.

Luckily we were driving so the wine bill stayed at a minimum!!

Senior Girlchild is so amazing; so talented and such an incredible mother!  Srsly, I don’t know how she excels in so many facets of her life.  It’s beyond comprehension.  She must have inherited all her very best bits from me.  And she’s also unfathomably youthful — doesn’t look a day over 24! Wise, calm, measured and beautiful too — a model for us all.

Is there such a thing as getting hacked on your blog?  That last paragraph has come from one of the visitors in my house!!!

Countdown has started!!

Eleven days and counting.  As you may guess I am new at this and my daughter set me up so I’s better use it!!  We thought that it would be a good way of posting photos and also keeping an accessible diary of our latest trip.

On this trip I will be going to Jordan, Israel, turkey, then jump on a ship to do a cruise of East Italy, Greek Isles & the Croatian coast.  It is only 7 days but reckon that might be enough to do on my first cruise.  If I don’t like it, it won’t be long & I can disembark!!  At the end of the cruise, I grab a hire car and drive around for 13 days (Italy, France, maybe Germany!!???) before arriving in Paris for my final 3 days of the trip.

I seem to be extremely busy with visitors at the moment.  Maybe they are coming to see me in case In I disappear in the Middle East.  It is always lovely to see family especially as I will be away for about 7 weeks.

How do I put in a photo B??